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Brazil Email Lists

Brazil Email Lists, this is an Opt-In Brazilian Consumers database. These individuals communicate online and have expressed an interest in online and offline shopping for products and services.


This Brazil database includes the following;

Excel .CSV or .TXT format:
Email Address.

Brazil Email Lists - 219,110 Consumers

Price = $
84.95 USD

list purchases are a one time payment
and you own the list.

List Size Purchase Price
219,110 $84.95




The best possible lists available today, at the most amazing prices.

All email lists are delivered to you send ready, we compile every list to your specific individual target marketing requirements.

All orders are logged in your own personal account so you will always receive new fresh lists every time you order with us.

All emails are run against a Validation to keep deliverability as high as possible.

Support is offered by Phone, Email, and Live Help.

- We are the industry leaders in customer service and repeat business for a reason!


Consumer lists

Do you need a large database of Brazilian Consumers? This database includes 1 individual file(s) with  219,110 email contact records, this file is in .txt or .csv format for easy management.


Consumer - Brazil Email Lists 


International Lists - (include email address only) List Price
Australia 169,827 $69.95  
Austria 27,128     $39.95  
Belgium 32,328 $41.95  
Brazil 219,110     $84.95  
Columbia 118,832     $60.95  
Denmark 40,081 $41.95  
 Germany 174,604   $78.95  
 Hong Kong 307,447  $99.95  
India Email Database 360,000,000 (36 Crore) NEW!    $199.95  
Italy 109,285   $59.95  
Korea 152,119    $64.95  
Middle East 534,582  $119.95  
Netherlands 175,294   $74.95  
Norway 70,972   $50.95  
Singapore 114,889     $59.95  
South Africa 61,282     $49.9  
South America 397,060    $105.95  
Spain 131,888    $62.95  
Sweden 90,513   $54.95  
Taiwan 31,623     $41.95  
All accounts include one Fresh Sending IP Address: Additional IP's can be purchased at anytime.




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