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Q. 1 How can I cancel my monthly or reoccurring account?

You can contact us with your First and Last Name, and the Email address used on your order. We will be happy to remove you from the monthly billing cycle. We will confirm the removal via email reply only.

Q. 2 Why does my excel list have a column that displays #### hash marks I can't read it?

That means you have text that is wider then the cell. At the top of the page where it says the cell (A,B,C...) on the cell that has the #'s on them. Move the mouse to the right in between the 2 cells (mouse will show arrows pointing in 2 directions). Double click your left mouse and it should auto adjust the width of that column.

Q. 3 Can I Send Bulk Email through the EmailMarketingFlow website?

Yes watch an educational 6 min video on the Bulk Email Software and features, this video outlines how to use our software to send your bulk email. We have the best rates and deliverability for a high volume bulk mailer on the planet!

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